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7 reasons to visit Snowdonia in the winter

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit in the winter, Snowdonia is somewhere you should definitely consider. You might be thinking, Snowdonia, Wales, in the winter, won’t everything be closed? Well, the answer is no. Snowdonia has around 11 million visits each year and while many attractions do shut down in winter, you will be glad to know there’s still plenty that stays open. Below we have listed the top 8 reasons to visit Snowdonia in the winter.

1: Lakes and beaches

Even in the winter the lakes and beaches are beautiful to visit, you may not want to swim in the water however you can’t beat the views Snowdonia has to offer. The lakes and beaches are great if you want to have lunch in a different location with a good view as they are surrounded by mountains. Snowdonia has award-winning beaches and is great if you want to go surfing, just make sure the weather and waves are okay first.

2: Mountains

Who doesn’t love seeing the astonishing views and scenery while in another part of the world? Snowdonia will certainly provide you with stunning views, especially with the amazing mountains. Snowdonia has the tallest mountains in the UK, with 14 peaks above 3000 ft, it’s something you won’t want to miss out on if you’re visiting Snowdonia. Depending on the weather, you may not be able to climb the Mountains, however, you can still go walking and even cycling. The mountains, no matter what weather or temperature is remarkable for photography and all-around amazing to look at.

3: Castles

If you visit Snowdonia, it’s a must that you visit the famous castles. If you enjoy history, you will be glad to know Snowdonia has a large number of castles that you can visit and find out all the information behind, including when they were built, who built them and more. Even if history isn’t your favourite subject, the sight of the castles is amazing. The following castles are open daily throughout the winter, some being free of charge.

1: Conwy castle – A medieval fortification in Conwy, opened in 1283, built by Edward I.

2: Caernarfron castle – A medieval fortress in Caernarfron. Opened in 1283 known for its 12 huge towers with 5, 6 and 10 sides.

3: Harlech castle – Also built by Edward I, constructed atop a spur of rock close to the Irish sea.

4: Criccieth Castle – A castle situated on the headland between two beaches in Criccieth.

5: Castell y bere – Constructed by Llywelyn the great in the 1220s.

6: Dolbadarn Castle – Built by the Welsh prince Llywelyn the great during the early 13th century. It was built as a symbol of Llywelyn power and authority.

7: Dolwyddelan castle – Again built by Llywelyn the great and prince of Gwynedd in the 13th century.

4: Zoos and adventure parks

As it is winter and its cold, fun activities that you may not be able to do at home are a great idea. Maybe you have young kids that are full of energy and want to be out and about where it is busy and full of entertainment. Snowdonia is not just mountains, it is full of zoos and adventure parks meaning you always have the option to spend the day being entertained by the animals.

5: Restaurants and Cafes

No matter where your visiting in the world, you want to be able to enjoy good food, in nice restaurants. The best way to find restaurants near you is to place your accommodation address in google maps and see what’s near, you will be sure to find a wide selection of restaurants and cafes. Snowdonia has award-winning restaurants, offering seafood and bistro-style menus. Aside from restaurants, you will also find cafes offering the best cakes and coffee.

6: Trains

It might sound strange when you hear the word trains as an attraction to Snowdonia. Everywhere has a train, right? But no, Snowdonia has an extraordinary network of stream trains, some even able to take you up and down the mountains, meaning great views and great backgrounds for selfies. One train, named the Cambrian coast railway, has been voted as one of the top 10 most epic train journeys in the world!

7: Winter accommodation

Imagine cosy, winter cottages, warm blankets and marshmallows at the fire. It’s important to feel warm and cosy when being accommodated in a cold country. It can be hard to find affordable accommodation like this in the UK, but you will be sure to find affordable accommodation, cottages that fit up to 24 people, surrounded by wide space and peaceful surroundings.

8: Snow

There’s nothing that screams winter more than the weather, especially when it’s snowing. Even though it’s not guaranteed, there is always a chance of snow, meaning the mountains are white and the views are even more astonishing.

Places to visit for activities:

  • Zip world

  • Surf Snowdonia

  • White water rafting rapid

  • Portmeirion Village

  • Sygun Copper Mine

  • Electric Mountain

  • skiing in Llandudno

  • Chair lift up the Great Orme.

  • Inigo Jones slate works – Open all winter and is a great place to learn the history of Snowdonia’s slate and how its been used over the centuries.

  • Go Below Underground Adventures – this is all underground, you will be exploring and also ziplining over water, climbing vertical shafts, boating across an underground lake, scaling a waterfall or abseiling.

  • Coed y Brenin Forest park – this is the place to be for mountain biking and walking, ideal if you’re travelling with family.

Don’t forget – even if the above activities are closed, or maybe don’t appeal to you, it’s important not to forget that Snowdonia has plenty of leisure centres, theatres, cinemas, museums and galleries. So even if it is snowing and you can’t climb the mountains, you are still guaranteed pleasurable things to do during your trip.

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