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How to turn on and off audio description on Netflix

Since there are not many holidays around the world, you might be stuck at home wondering how to turn your leisure time to be more entertained.

So, Netflix would be one of your main saviours. However, have you ever been frustrated with Netflix audio description feature? Have you struggled with turning it off and on? If so, do not worry anymore. It is so simple for you to turn it off and on irrespective of what device you are using to watch Netflix. In fact, it takes seconds.

Although you are using an Apple device or TV, check out this Netflix help centre article that describes how you can turn off and on audio description while watching your favourite show.

Nevertheless, it doesn't tell you how to turn the audio description off if you are using any other devices except Apple. All they have mentioned is that they are researching this error.

So, just see my screengrab below, and I will show you how you can change the audio description with two clicks. As I said before, It takes less than 10 seconds.

Click on the dialogue box as you can see on my screenshot.

Then select English (original) in the menu exactly the same as you can see on my screenshot.

Also, if you are watching Netflix on a TV, just use your remote control and press the "subtitle" button. Then scroll down to the audio menu and select English (original).

That's it. Sit back and enjoy your favourite show now.

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